What We Do

  • 01 Fund accounting & administration services

    Fund administration, accounting and compliance can easily become an impediment to the core investment function. The burden of fines and penalties for delayed reporting contributes to added pressure for fund managers. We, at Avega, can help manage your finance function along with increased degree of transparency, confidentiality and accuracy. We provide end-to end services that cover fund accounting, administration, and compliance services. Consequently, you as fund managers have more time to focus on analysing and making the right decisions.

  • Our seasoned expertise in handling day-to-day issues in accounting and compliance of the fund gained through our fund administration vertical makes us one of the few internal auditors having experience in this niche field. Our internal audit consultants work closely with the management and audit committees of our clients and assist them with a range of internal audit functions, including suggesting and implementation of best practices with respect to accounting and governance. Our internal audit services for private equity and venture capital funds involves:

    • Identification of key areas based on risk assessment
    • Planning and performing review procedures
    • Report deficiency and recommend corrective actions
    • Follow up on recommended corrective actions
  • We understand that the most important aspect for you is to generate returns and make important decisions about your investment. By choosing to outsource the cumbersome task of documentation related to your portfolios, you can be assured that at a click of a button your documents are accessible and compliant with the regional laws. Consequently, the time you save in handling paperwork can be resourcefully used to manage the fund.

    With our portfolio documentation services we will:

    • Create and maintain a master file that contains all critical information relating to the investment deal
    • Providing summarised files of the portfolio documents with are easily accessible and comprehensive.
    • Track and record subsequent developments of the investment decisions requiring shareholder consent
    • Compliance management of the portfolio companies.
  • When you are starting off on a new journey to set up your fund, we understand that the initial phase can be daunting. For the first 6-8 months, we will assist you to ensure your business finance and related processes are up and running, providing you with the best documentation, reports and formats complying with your jurisdictional laws so that you can accelerate your learning curve and reduce your errors as you progress through your journey. We can also assist you with drafting various policies like Anti Money Laundering policy, conflict of interest, valuation policy, Disaster/Data Loss policy, accounting manual and so on.

We also provide a range of other outsourcing services customised and tailor-made to suit your requirements. Click here to contact us for more information.